Imagine a Clean Boat

Clap Off is the revolutionary new mobile app that takes advantage of your existing Bluetooth or wired audio system to keep bird poop off your beautiful boat. 

No one likes a dirty boat!

You know what it costs in terms of time and money to clean a boat that's been pooped on?  Too much!  Who wants to come back from a nice meal to a filthy boat?  No one!


Everyone Loves A Clean Boat!

And keep it clean while you are on shore with a simple solution - the revolutionary Clap Off mobile app!

Don't let the birds win!

Install Clap Off today on your iPhone, iPad or Android device and Win the war on bird poop for only 99 cents!


I used the Clap Off last weekend with my Bluetooth speaker. I put some food out on my boat, it only took a few minutes for the birds to come, 3 landed on my boat, I turned the Clap Off app on, birds flew right off, left it run for 15 minutes and  they never landed again, even with food on the boat, they would fly close by, but when the clap went off they kept going!!!!

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Brad M Boating Enthusiast

OK, for 99 cents we said let's give it a shot.  And, you know what, it works.  Who would have thought!  Birds stayed away as soon as the Clap Off app started.  Kept it running as we got back on the boat until we got back underway.

Joe F Harbor Communications

We engineered the sounds in Clap Off to provide a high-energy kick to send a message to the birds to go away and stay away.

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Dan B Sound Engineer